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The March 2021 edition of the NEW RC Soaring Digest is now available!

For March, I’ve tried to line up an array of stories so that there’s a bit of something for everybody.
Leading off is the first part of a four-part series by James ‘Doc’ Hammond entitled Designing for Slope Aerobatics.
It’s the master class in sailplane design for which you’ve been waiting.
We have a comprehensive product review from Pierre Rondel on MicroMAX, the Pocket F3F!
Ryan Woebkenberg takes us along with him on My Southwest Classic F5J 2021 Experience
which will make you want to attend the next one for sure.
Rene Wallage turns the re-kitting of his Schwing Corsa into a Pre-Flight Check from which we can all benefit.
Peter Scott walks us through the intricate details of the ToolkitRC ST8 Servo Tester
and Tom Broeski (of Tom’s Tips fame) helps us build a Clevis Tool.
And you may even find a few little extra surprises thrown into the bargain.

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Submissions are now being accepted for the March issue.
Please read the associated article in the January 2021 edition for more information.

I am pleased to announce that commencing immediately, I am assuming the role of Managing Editor of the NEW R/C Soaring Digest. This comes at the conclusion of a lengthy discussion with Bill and Bunny Kuhlman. As a result I am equally pleased to announce that as part of that discussion, they have agreed to remain as Editors Emeritus for the new publication. This was essential as I am keen to build on their legacy of excellence established over their many years at the helm. I will seek their counsel and assistance as the new publication launches and on into the future.

My primary goal for the NEW R/C Soaring Digest to provide continuity between the publication that readers came to know and love over the 35 years it was published. That said, the new publication will inevitably have to evolve to adjust to the new publishing landscape in which we find ourselves. In the near future, I will announce a new digital platform as well as new systems and processes to support this. But I hope the net result of these blended objectives will continue to result in a journal its readers can't wait to arrive each month.

To make the NEW R/C Soaring Digest sustainable over the long term, I have already embarked on a program to recruit long-term corporate sponsors who will underwrite the publication's basic operating costs. There is also going to be some paid advertising. However in both cases, I think you'll be pleased as to how that can be accomplished without significantly detracting from the readers' experience. Stay tuned.

One really important thing will not change: the R/C Soaring Digest is a reader written publication. It is going to depend on your support for the articles which readers will no doubt find fascinating and entertaining. As Managing Editor, I intend to employ a very light editorial hand. I will be guided by common sense and a simple, straightforward Editorial Policy which is currently in development and will be available in the near future.

Finally, I intend for the NEW R/C Soaring Digest be a participant in social media which, as we are all aware, provides a considerable opportunity while also being fraught with potential pitfalls and risks. To that end, I am also working on a Social Media Policy which will hopefully keep the conversation civil, smart and most importantly tightly focused on the hobby we all love.

My intention is to have the January, 2021 issue out before the end of this month and then gradually move up the publication schedule so that by December, 2021 (and thereafter) new issues come out on the first calendar day of each month. This aggressive schedule means that if you have an article you would like to contribute I urge you to get in touch right away at I really look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you, in anticipation, for all of your support. I feel both truly fortunate, and frankly a little frightened, to now be at the helm of this great publication.

Fair winds and clear skies.


Terence C. Gannon
Managing Editor
The NEW R/C Soaring Digest

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